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EXAM Transport & Co. is a global Life Science Logistics firm, specifically catering to the BioPharma, Chemical & Aircraft Industries + U.S. DoD applications, directly involved in custom-tailoring logistics solutions to the cold-chain-transportation cycle of Raw Materials, Clinical Trial Materials, Controlled Substances, Category A Infectious Substances, Category B Biological Substances & UNOS Registered Vital Organs. EXAM operates exclusively on a contractual-client basis.

Clinical trial material or biological specimens must be transported for urgent delivery under strict cold chain packaging and temperature requirements. We specialize in managing your cold supply chain between hospitals, central laboratories, clinical research sites, blood banks & airports – providing a niche service on a 24/7 time schedule of “STAT” critical express dispatch where strict handling requirements and delivery time frames must be met, regardless of the frequency of shipments or size of packages.

Our success is rooted in the quality of our staff and the opportunities for our clients to thrive as they utilize EXAM as an extension of their own operation. EXAM is a TSA-approved indirect air carrier with next flight out the capability to known shippers. EXAM’s transporters are trained & certified in accordance with the compliance requirements of cap accredited laboratories as per 49cfr 172.700 / IATA 1.5.

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