I start working with Exam last year during the pandemic, as a on call local medical courier. Great company to work for, even better people to work with. Basically my job was delivering samples, supplies, STATs between ERs and Hospitals in the area using my personal vehicle. Very easy to start, they will have someone guide you through about everything you need to know in the beginning, once you are ready, you just wait for you dispatchers to call. The dispatchers are all very friendly and helpful, whether you have a question about the order, or you are having a hard time finding the pickup/drop off location, they will try thier best to help you out. You will get calls 24/7, I personally prefer to take STATs at night because not only there’s no traffic but also it pays even more. Overall, great experience. If you are looking for a side hustle, or if you already doing ride shares in Orlando area, definitely check them out, this could be a great opportunity for you to earn some GOOD extra money.